Dharma Ritual of Water and Land Commemorating the Anniversary of Tiantan Big Buddha

The Dharma Ritual of Water and on Land is one of the largest scale and the longest amongst all Buddhist services. It would last a period of 7 days at the least, or up to 49 days. The number of participants will range from a few dozens to over one hundred or one thousand. It is the most major and important one amongst all Buddhist services and events.

Po Lin Monastery has since 1993 been organizing the Dharma Ritual of Water and Sea during the anniversary of the opening of the Altar of Heaven Big Buddha (from 12th to 19th of the Eleven Month of the Lunar Year). Over 70 monks will preside at the 7 inner and outer altars consecutively for 7 days, distributing food, chanting sutras and mantras, and carrying out worship and repentance rituals, with a view to achieving the following objectives:

(1) pursuing ancestors with rites to help them achieve mind-awakening;

(2) with a pure mind, sincerely and reverently making offerings to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and dedicating the merits from this Dana (offering) to suffering beings in water or on land;

(3) through chanting sutras and mantras, making suffering beings to comprehend the Buddha’s teachings and become more open-minded from suffering, and delivering them from sufferings;

(4) Praying for longevity and bliss for the donors of monastic food; and

(5) the becoming of a prosper and contented country, blissful life for all, and a world of peace.