Three-fold Ordination Ceremony

The Autumn Three-fold Ordination Ceremony of the Po Lin Monastery is to allow those who are determined to renounce the secular life and undergo the ritual of precepts to, under the recommendation of a Buddhist teacher, come to the monastery to be ordained in the Three-fold Ordination Ceremony, i.e. the admission of novices (Sramaneras), the Higher Ordination (Upasampada), and the Bodhisattva Ordination, and to study Buddhist rituals and rules. When the ordination ceremony is completed, the candidate will receive an Ordination Certificate issued by Po Lin Monastery. He will become a monk. The purpose of the Ordination Ceremony is to hand down Buddhist rules and rituals, and establish the Buddhist order, so as to ensure that the ordained will follow strictly Buddhist rules and disciplines, and will abstain from evils and aspire towards rightness, spreading Buddha's teachings, and striving for the path of Buddhahood and liberation of all sentient beings.